February 2021

Local entertainer, Action Pussycat has developed an office party package to help home workers keep connected and prevent them feeling isolated.

Looking after our metal health is very important in the current epidemic. Lockdown three will be with us until the end of February and it may leave home workers feeling lonely and isolated.  The virtual office party is a fun mix of silly challenges designed to keep people talking and laughing.

Action Pussycat won a Lockdown Community Champion award last month for the work they have done keeping children connected since the first lock down, and over Christmas the office party was developed for lockdown office parties. Think Taskmaster meets In Da Bungalow and you kind of get the idea. It has team building games, silly challenges and fun activities that are designed to work with people sat at their home computers.

Action Pussycat have also been offering humorous quiz events with questions designed to make people smile. The quiz has been used in online festivals, virtual pub quizzes and private parties bringing families across the world together.

A half an hour office party costs just £40 and the quiz event is £60 for an hour.

Email ade90@hotmail.co.ukto book.

Updated: 02-03-2021