5 April 2021

Business Sustainability

Nowadays, sustainability in your business could mean the difference between winning a contract or not. A sustainable business will want to do business with those that are making the effort to be sustainable, too. They have to look at their supply chain etc. and will make decisions based on sustainability.

If you're not already doing so, we suggest that you start looking at ways to make your business sustainable now.

There are all sorts of things to consider. Is your website/email provider sustainable? What about the energy (gas/electricity) that provides your business property? If you work from home, is your energy supply to your home green? If you have to travel, how do you travel, or is the journey even necessary now we've embrassed the power of zoom? When it comes to recycling, what do you have in place? 

There is one small thing you might be able to do. Have you a pile of CDs and you're not sure what to do with them, because putting them in the bin feels like a waste?

Well, we've discovered a company that recycles old CDs. So, no need to throw out your old CDs!  Revive Innovations in Bristol makes things like stools, jewellery etc out of recycled CDs.


If you are a business owner, or employee, of a company that has a waste stream of optical discs they will collect more than 500+.  Contact them at info@reviveinnovations.design.

If you've got a collection of under 500, post them to this address in a secure box.

Revive Innovations Ltd

The Old Sorting Office Eastfield Rd




We will be covering more on sustainability over the coming months, and if we find anything like the above that may be of use to local businesses in their aim to be sustainable and minimise waste, we will of course share.


Updated: 11-04-2021