17 June 2021

Fancy a free drink and a chat?


Next Themes Marketing Manager Ade Bowen is buying us all a drink. 

Ade wants to hear our business stories, successes and struggles in a new, free initiative to help small businesses come out of the lockdown period. Book your time and enjoy a drink in The Stables Courtyard, take some time out and just talk.

Ade tells us “I think it is important to give people a voice and listen. Running a business is not easy. You not only need to be good at what you are good at, but you also need to be good at what you are not good at. That might be marketing, logistics, communication, finance, customer complaints or planning. It does not matter if you run a shop or are a mobile hairdresser or run an online business, I want to hear from you.”

The advice is free. It could be ideas to try or new ways of thinking.  If Next Theme can help, Ade will suggest it, but there is absolutely no pressure or commitment to use them. Sometimes, just seeing something from a different perspective is all that is needed. Sometimes you just can not see the forest for the trees.

Book an drink and a chat with Ade by using this link.  https://calendly.com/ade-bowen/have-a-drink-and-a-chat. You have nothing to lose and a free drink to gain.

Updated: 17-06-2021