19th May 2021

NatWest Business Builder - Managing Unexpected Growth

NatWest are working with the Weston-S-Mare Chamber to help local businesses scale up and succeed.

Business Builder events are designed to support and challenge users to develop the right foundations for their business; whether that’s how to write a great pitch, how to define their Business Model or navigate through a changing environment.




Each 60-minute event is tailored to meet a specific business need, offering attendees an opportunity to upskill in the company of other like-minded business owners, share experiences, and work through individual and group exercises to implement the learning into their own business.

On Wednesday 30th June at 12pm, the next business builder event will be looking at managing unexpected growth. 

Effectively managing and forecasting growth is key to building a sustainable and resilient business.

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For information on all four events, visit here.  The first starts 16th June 2021.


The event will be held by Andy Light, NatWest Business Growth Enabler for Somerset and Bristol.

His role is to support the businesses of Somerset and Bristol, whether you bank with NatWest or not.

He works closely with the local business marketplace to support, develop and add value to SME's by providing business advice, bringing together local business and hosting regular events.

You can get in touch with Andy on 07788347065 or andy.light@natwest.com to let him know how he can support your business. Growth means different things to different businesses - tell him what it means to you.

Join in with the discussion on social media by searching #natwestboost

You can also follow Andy on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/andrew-light-958397119) and Twitter (@light14andy).

Updated: 19-05-2021