February 2021 


Welcome to the first blog post! 

I know I communicated this in the newsletter that went out, but I wanted to put this on here for the record, too. 

In our mission to give our members greater benefits, we are starting a blog. Our goal is to use this facility to help promote and support our members. If they have any events or news that they'd like to advertise, even a blog post to share, we are going to do it here! 

The aim is to blog twice a month and then send out a newsletter that will share or highlight anything that may have been missed and include links to these blog posts. 

We would also like to ask if members could add our website link to their own website to encourage ‘traffic’.

Weston-super-Mare Chamber of Commerce

Membership benefits have been updated and can also be found here.  

Therefore, if you’re a member of The Weston Chamber and have any news you wish to share, then please contact Teresa via admin@westonchamber.org.uk

For articles to be used, please send over no more than 500 words and remember to attach an image or two.

Updated: 02-03-2021