6 January 2022

Yasmin At Pink Spaghetti Shares Her Lockdown Experience


Chamber member, Yasmin McGlashan, Pink Spaghetti PA Services, shares her Covid-19 story.


  1. What impact did lockdown/Covid-19 have on your business?


It was a strange time for me, as I had only just started my business in January 2020. I didn’t have any regular clients and had only just started earning revenue when lockdown hit.

So, in a way I felt thankful that I didn’t have to go through the pain of losing clients because of lockdown. But in another way, I had no idea where the work was going to come from, plus I had to cope with the joys of home-schooling and all the emotions that brought!

My main thought was that I had to keep going – letting my business fail was not an option for me! I tried to keep as visible as possible – doing as much online networking as I could, being present on social media, being helpful, offering advice, even giving out a few freebies.

It was hard work, and it took a lot of patience, but one client at a time, one piece of work at a time, my business started to grow. Now, almost two years on from the first lockdown, my business is thriving, and I’ve even been able to take on my first employee!


  1. How has Covid-19 changed the way you do your business?


The shift to online working has really made business see the benefits in working with a Virtual Assistant – it has highlighted the fact that you don’t need someone sitting right next to you in an office to get the job done. This has really opened up more opportunities. Quite a few of my clients actually live in a different part of the country from me, and many of them I have not even met in person, however we still have a great relationship.

Covid has also made me more flexible and understanding of the fact that my clients’ businesses may have to change and pivot at very short notice – and I need to be there to support them.


  1. Are you able to go back to the way things were before lockdown?


I didn’t really have much time to get used to business life before lockdown! But a lot of time in those early days was spent going to face-to-face networking meetings and one-to-ones. I have certainly learned to value my time now and wouldn’t go back to spending that amount of travel time (and mileage) on in-person meetings. Although I wouldn’t want to transfer completely to Zoom – there are certainly advantages to face-to-face meetups. It’s all about striking a balance.


  1. Does your business have any lasting effects of Covid-19?


It’s hard to know without visiting a parallel universe where there was no Covid! But I do feel that all the hard work I put in during the first lockdown allowed me to meet more people (virtually) and do more learning than I might have done otherwise. I like to think that this has allowed me to make up for the slow period my business experienced when the first lockdown hit.


  1. What are your plans for the future?


I plan to continue to grow my business in 2022. The very best part of my work has been seeing the difference that I can make to business owners – whether that is saving them time, getting through a neglected backlog of work, or putting in processes to make their business run more efficiently. I look forward to working with more and more business owners this year and making an even bigger difference!


  1. And if you could go back in time, what advice would you give your March 2020 self?


Keep calm and concentrate your efforts on the important things. And watch out for a few curveballs along the way!



Thank you, Yasmin. And good luck for 2022! You can find more information about Yasmin and her PA services here

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Updated: 05-01-2022